Our offer

The ICINGLAB is mostly targeted at developers, manufacturers or researchers who want to test prototypes, products and materials for use in wind, snow and ice under real environmental conditions. Contact us and discuss all details for your tests.

Technical parameters



400 x 500 x 290 cm

temperature­ range

-20 °C - 20 °C

max. snow ­production

1 m³/day

latching ­options ­for test ­setups 

ceiling and floor

surrounding ice-wind ­channel*

channel­ cross-section

60 x 60 cm

length of ­ the measuring ­ route 

200 cm

max. flow­ speed

15 m/s
* according to Göttingen build (open or closed)


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When you arrive from the city centre, you will access Lyoner Straße via the junction Plautstraße/Schomburgkstraße.
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